The EMB Manila Bay Office implements the Operational Plan for the Manila Bay Coastal Strategy (OPMBCS) focusing on Water Pollution Issues. The OPMBCS was a result of the Supreme Court Order G.R. No 171947-48 dated December 18, 2008 and February 15, 2011 to Clean, Rehabilitate and Restore Manila Bay to Class SB. The Office monitors and provides guidance and assistance to the Manila Bay Sections of EMB Manila Bay Region (MBR) pertaining to the monitoring of surface waters and regulation of water pollution of establishments. It also serves as the secretariat to the Interagency Liquid Waste Cluster TWG whose function is to coordinate and consolidate reports of participating agencies relative to pollution reduction. 


Implementation of IEMP

    Bathing Beaches Monitoring

   Map Showing Bathing Beaches Monitoring Station

Nineteen (19) bathing beaches in Manila Bay were monitored for total and fecal coliform count, DO, pH and TSS (Figure 4) Data derived from the monitoring showed that  only Seven (7) out of the Nineteen (19) stations passed the SB criteria of 1000mpn/100ml for Total Coliform. 

For Fecal Coliform, Two (2) stations passed the criteria of 200mpn/100ml.Fifteen (15) stationsconformed with the DO criteria while all stations passed the pH criteria for Class SB water.Table 1 showed the detailed results of monitoring. 

High values of total and fecal coliform count in Manila Bay is mainly due to the domestic waste water being discharged directly to the rivers/creek and eventually to the bay without treatment. More than 90% of domestic waste water that were discharged are inadequately treated.