Key Officials

Engr. Wilson L. Trajeco, PME, Ph.D.
Regional Director
Tel. No.: (085)342-5332 Fax: (085) 816-0890
Ms. Judy Ann A. Taghap, Environmental Education and Information Section
Ms. Aljuvi C. Virtudazo,, PPMIS & Legal Section

Forester Reynaldo S. Digamo 
Chief, Clearance and Permitting Division
Tel. No.: (085)342-1877 Fax: (085) 816-0890
Forester Ramon S. Abogadie,  EIA Section
Engr. Fermina J. Gacuma, Toxic and Hazwaste Section
Engr. Job G. Apiado, Permitting Section

Engr. Albert G. Arcamo 
Chief, Environmental Monitoring and Enforcement Division 
Tel. No.: (085)341-3826 Fax: (085) 816-0890
Engr. Renato C. Tacubao,  Water Quality Management & Laboratory Sections 
Engr. Petronio P. Arciga,  Air Quality Section
Edwin A. Mollaneda, Monitoring and SWM Section
Engr. Albert G. Arcamo, Concurrent Chief -
Toxic Chemicals and Hazardous and Nuclear Waste

Ms. Grace H. Abella
Chief, Administrative & Finance Division
Tel. No.: (085)342-1877 Fax: (085) 816-0890
Forester Joy C. Maagad, Supervising Administrative Officer
Ms. Elsalyn J. Evangelio
, Accountant
Dario Nino Jandayan, Budget Officer
Ms. Rufel M. Arenza, Bookkeeper 
Ms. Amelita A. Cloma,  Cashiering Section 
Ms. Angelita C. De Guzman, Personnel Section
Daisiree E. Makilan, Supply Officer