Chemical Management Section
Air Quality Training Center Bldg., DENR Compound
Visayas Ave., Diliman, Quezon City

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In 1990, the Philippine Congress enacted the Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes Control Act of 1990, commonly known as Republic Act 6969, a law designed to respond to the increasing problems associated with toxic chemicals and hazardous and nuclear wastes. It is an act that mandates control and management of import, manufacture, process, distribution, use, transport, treatment and disposal of toxic substances, and hazardous and nuclear wastes in the country.

"It is the policy of the State to regulate, restrict, or prohibit the importation, manufacture, processing, sale, distribution, use, disposal of chemical substances and mixtures that present unreasonable risk and/or injury to health or the environment; to prohibit the entry, even in transit of hazardous and nuclear wastes and their disposal into Philippine territorial limits for whatever purpose; and to provide advancement and facilitate research and studies on toxic chemicals and hazardous and nuclear wastes.”


In order to effectively manage the chemical substances:

  • Establish the Philippine Priority Chemical List (PCL) to ensure that importers and manufacturers of the chemicals in PCL abide by the requirements developed by DENR-EMB for these chemicals.

  • Issue Chemical Control Order (CCO) which limits, regulates and bans the use of chemical substances determined to pose unreasonable risk to public health and the environment.