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DENR-EMB may issue Chemical Control Orders (CCOs) that prohibit, limit, or regulate the use, manufacture, import, export, transport, processing, storage, possession, and wholesale of those priority chemicals that DENR-EMB determined to be regulated, phase-out, or banned because of the serious risks they pose to public health, workplace, and environment. At any one time, DENR-EMB may impose a regulation, a phase-out plan, or a ban on a chemical or chemical substance when it determines that such action is necessary.

Chemicals and chemical substances that pose an unreasonable risk to public health or the environment are potentially subject to CCOs. Each year, after due consideration to industrial needs, the health and environment risks, the Philippine commitment to international and regional treaties and conventions, and DENR-EMB’s capabilities and resources to manage the controlled chemicals, DENR-EMB may determine what chemicals listed as priority (PCL) should be regulated, controlled, or phase out.

The 48 priority chemicals making up the Philippines Priority Chemical List (PCL) have been further screened. Taking into account the current limitations for fully enforcing CCOs for a large number of chemicals and given the fact that the industries in the Philippines will require time to introduce self-monitoring and to respond to new regulations, EMB during the period of 1995 to 1998 will issue CCOs only on a limited number of chemicals. By 1998, EMB will review the priority chemicals list and make a determination regarding issuance of control over additional priority chemicals.

 General Requirements Applied to All CCOs
  • Registration with DENR-EMB & Obtaining Import Clearance

  • Limitation in Industrial Use:

a. Gradual phase out of import and manufacturing

b. Gradual substitution of the chemical uses and premises

  • Annual Report to DENR-EMB. All manufacturers, importers, and industrial users of chemicals must submit an annual report to DENR-EMB that include the following information:

a. General Information (premise)

b. Production and management information

c. Number and category of employees exposed and exposure duration

d. Waste generated (fluids, sludge, slurry, scraps, etc.), and storage, treatment, and disposal information (type of treatment and land disposal premises, location, methods, etc.)

  • Labeling Requirements

  • Storage Requirements

  • Treatment and Disposal Requirements

  • Self-Inspection

  • Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements


Contact Environmental Management Bureau regarding the requirements for specific chemicals.

General Exemption under the CCO Rules 
  • Chemical substances and mixtures regulated by laws other than RA 6969
  • Special circumstances as determined by DENR-EMB


Contact Environmental Management Bureau in case of inquiries regarding status of CCOs and specific requirements.