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New chemical substance is defined as any chemical that is not included in PICCS. Pre-Manufacturing And Pre-Importation Notification (PMPIN) is to screen harmful substances before they enter Philippine’s commerce. Its main objective is to ensure that new chemicals that would pose an unreasonable risk to human health and the new environment either be denied to be manufactured or imported into the country, or be placed under control and restriction to limit potential releases.

Manufacturers and importers (proponents) of a new chemical are required to notify DENR-EMB of their intent to manufacture or import the new chemical not sooner than 180 days and not later than 90 days. Together with this notification, the proponent submits the appropriate PMPIN forms. There are two kinds PMPIN forms for notification. These are:

  • PMPIN Abbreviated Form: used when a new chemical to be manufactured or imported is being used with no control in a country with a similar chemical review process as the Philippine, and sufficient information is submitted by notifier that clearly exhibits the chemical will not pose an unreasonable risk.
  • PMPIN Detailed Form: used when the manufacturer or importer cannot adequately document the safety of the new chemical or when DENR-EMB determines that the information submitted does not contain sufficient documentation to enable DENR-EMB to determine the safety of the new chemical.

Once a new chemical has been assessed and approved by DENR-EMB for import and manufacture, the proponent is granted a clearance by DENR-EMB to import and manufacture the new chemical. The proponent is also required to submit a Notice of Commencement to Import or Manufacture Form. Only after submission of this form will the new chemical be added to PICCS. The new chemical may be added to the PICCS public version or the PICCS confidential version depending whether when CBI is requested by the proponent in the Notice of Commencement.


ISO 11014

Exemption to PMPIN Rules

  1. Identification:                 
  2. Name of the substance or preparation Name, address and telephone no. of the company/supplier/undertaking
  3. Composition and information on ingredients
  4. Hazards identification
  5. First-aid measures
  6. Fire-fighting measures
  7. Accidental release measure
  8. Handling and storage
  9. Exposure controls and personal protection
  10. Physical and chemical properties
  11. Stability and reactivity
  12. Toxicological information
  13. Ecological information
  14. Disposal consideration
  15. Transport information
  16. National regulations and references
  17. Other information
  • Small scale premises
  • Small quantity chemicals
  • Certain polymeric chemical derivatives Chemical and chemical substances exempt from PICCS requirements
  • Chemicals and chemical substances included in PICCS
  • Non-isolated intermediates
  • Articles
  • New chemicals manufactured exclusively for export 

(Industries should consult EMB before claiming exemptions)

PMPIN Requirements

A.   PROCEDURAL Requirements

1.   Notifier: Name of Philippine Company and/or Firm – Only importers or industries that are registered to manufacture in or licensed to import into the Philippines will be allowed to apply or notify.

2.  Substance must be defined as new chemical or fuel additive. New chemical is defined as chemical not listed in the Philippine Inventory of Chemicals & Chemical Substances (PICCS).

3.   Notarized and completed PMPIN-3 Abbreviated or PMPIN-4 Detailed Form

PMPIN-3: for chemicals manufactured or includes in the Inventory of USA, EU, Australia, Canada, Japan or Korea

PMPIN-4: for chemicals manufactured or imported from other countries not listed in PMPIN-3

PMPIN Forms are available at:

4.   Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) / Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in ISO-11014 format

5.   Specific Use of the Chemical

6.   Annual volume of import

7.   Notification must be filed at least 100 days before date of manufacture or importation.

8.   Two hard copies of PMPIN duly notarized 1 receiving copy & 1 CD format.

9.   Payment of processing fee:                              

      for PMPIN3- P 2,150           

      for PMPIN4- P 3,750

10. Request for Confidential Business Information (CBI) – for PMPIN application containing confidential business information. 

B.   SUBSTANTIVE Requirements

1.   Complete information of MSDS/SDS following 16 sections

2.   For sufficiency of submitted MSDS/SDS giving more focus on:

      a.    Toxicological Information

      b.    Ecological Information

3.   For PMPIN-4, laboratory reports for the following information are required:

      a.    Physical and Chemical Properties

      b.    Toxicological Information

      c.    Ecological Information