Republic of the Philippines
Department of Environment and Natural Resources
DENR Compound, EMB Building, Visayas Avenue
Diliman, Quezon City 

Series of 2003 
                            WHEREAS, the procedure currently being followed by the PAB with respect  to routing of                         Orders/Resolutions for signature of the Board Members takes a longer time  before  finally released to respondents; 

                           WHEREAS, based on the abovementioned fact, the PAB recognizes the need to  facilitate the process of routing and releasing of the Orders/Resolutions being issued  by the Board in order to respond to the circumstances that warrants immediate  action thereof;

                         RESOLVED, as it is hereby resolved, that the PAB authorizes the Chairman or  the Presiding Officer to sign all Orders/Resolutions in behalf of the Members  attending the hearing to be attested by the PAB Board Secretary, provided that there  was a quorum in accordance with the Resolution 1-C;

                         FURTHER RESOLVED that the Orders/Resolutions bearing the signature of the       Chairman or the Presiding Officer shall be substantiated by the attendance of the      Board Members, and its remarks/opinion as indicated in the minutes of every regular PAB hearing.


                                                                                             PAB Resolution No.1 Series of 2003