Project Objectives

The overall goal of the project is to capture the significant potential for energy efficiency of new non-ODS chillers by accelerating the replacement of the existing stock of ODS based chillers, and contribute to more energy conscious decision-making by chiller owners and, eventually, a permanent market transformation of the chiller sector. The development objective of the project is to accelerate conversion of ODS-based chillers to new and more energy efficient technology. 

The project will achieve this objective by assisting the Philippines to:

    • reduce institutional, market and techno-economic barriers (eg. weak regulatory system, high capital expenditures, unfamiliar technology, etc.), to early adoption of EE chillers through provision of a range of market-based, technological and economic incentives to chiller owners in order to lower opportunity costs and up-front capital costs;
    • increase chiller owner awareness of the 2010 CFC ban on consumption and production; and the DENR DAO 2013-25
    • remove chiller owners' perception of technology risks by demonstrating a significant rate-of-return on investment from chiller replacement; 

Project outcomes therefore include a market transformation to more energy efficient technologies and through introduction of the life cycle approach to decision-making and enhanced country capacity to introduce, implement and mobilize finance for future carbon reduction interventions. 

The global environmental objective of the project is to reduce the harmful emissions of greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances (which are also potent greenhouse gases) directly through chiller replacement and management which will increase energy efficiency and eliminate the need for ODS refrigerant. In turn, significant reduction in emissions of greenhouse gases will contribute to the reduction of hardships anticipated from increased climate variability and climate change.

For any complaints or grievances related to the implementation of the project, please contact:

Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources

DENR Compound, Visayas Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

Tel. No. : (+632) 929-6626

                   Legal Department

 Grievance Mechanism
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