• Generate good quality scientific data and information to support formulation of environmental policies, standards, rules and regulations on existing and anticipated environmental issues;
  • Formulate, develop, coordinate and implement short-term and long-term research programs at the national and regional levels;
  • Provide assistance to the DENR Secretary and Regional Offices in the implementation of environmental pollution control laws and the conduct of environmental research programs; and
  • Implement environmental laboratory recognition scheme. 


    We, at the Environmental Management Bureau Laboratory, in support of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ mandate to preserve and protect the environment, are committed to generate reliable, accurate, traceable, and good quality data that will be used in the formulation of environmental criteria, standards and policies; assessment of the quality of the country’s environment; adjudication of pollution cases; and assessment of the enforcement of environmental standards and policies.

   It is therefore the policy of the EMB Laboratory to implement and maintain a high standard of quality in the laboratory through continuous and sustained staff training, acquisition of appropriate materials, maintenance of existing facilities, and participation in interlaboratory exercises and other proficiency tests.